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Ascend Roofing makes replacing your roof EASY!

  1. Call and Make an Appointment for a FREE Estimate
  2. Our trained, Account Manager will come to your home and evaluate your roof for damage and need for replacement
  3. We assess any inside damage from leaks and can add that to the estimate for restoration
  4. We can help you submit a claim to your insurance provider and meet with the claims adjuster at your property
  5. We will work with the insurance company to make sure your needs are properly represented and addressed in order to ensure you are fully covered and maximize what you are legally entitled to
  6. We are with you before, during, and after your roof gets built!

Our Account Team Experts are skilled at working with insurance agencies to help you navigate the difficult claims process.

Don't have homeowners insurance or want to pay out of pocket? Don't worry, we have financing available as well! Ask your Salesperson about available options.